Buchreihe: „Sprachkönnen und Sprachbewusstheit in Europa / Language Competence and Awareness in Europe“

Series editor: Amei Koll-Stobbe, University of Greifswald (Germany)

Published by Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main

Language use as social practice depicts a plethora of phenomena in Europe and across its continental and cultural borders as consequence of the emergence of English as an international lingua franca, new communication technologies, and mass mobility. Economic globalization and the digitalization of information flows have an impact on our conceptions of language competence and awareness. Phenomena such as plurilingualism, transference, code-switching and discursive heteroglossia have feeded into mainstream sociolinguistic topic areas during the last thirty years, and reflect changes in the conception of language(s) as ideal codified communication code(s) to open and adaptive repertoire(s) and resource(s) for communicative interactions as situated (and context dependent) social practices.

The book series provides a platform for pluri-methodological studies and reflective analytical discussions on the complexity of language use in post-modern and post-factual communication cultures in the theoretical frameworks of sociolinguistics, contact linguistics, and discursive linguistics.

Authors of doctoral dissertations as well as collected volumes and monographs that relate to the series profile are encouraged to hand in manuscripts.

Contact: kstobbeuni-greifswaldde

Band 1 (2009)


Zwischen den Sprachen, zwischen den Kulturen. Transfer- und Interferenzprozesse in europäischen Sprachen


Herausgegeben von Amei Koll-Stobbe


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Band 2 (2009)


Versteht mich noch jemand? Sprachenvielfalt, Sprachbedrohung und Sprachpolitik in Europa


Herausgegeben von Amei Koll-Stobbe


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Band 3 (2011)


Sprachpflege in der Übersetzungspraxis. Beiträge zur Praxis der Sprachpolitik in kleineren Sprachgemeinschaften / Language Policy in the Practice of Translating. Contributions Concerning the Practice of Language Policy in Smaller Linguistic Communities


Herausgegeben von Stephan Kessler und Marko Pantermöller


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Band 4 (2013)


New Approaches to the Study of Linguistic Variability


Herausgegeben von Markus Bieswanger und Amei Koll-Stobbe


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Band 5 (2014)


Language Contact Around the Globe: Proceedings of the LCTG3 Conference


Herausgegeben von Amei Koll-Stobbe und Sebastian Knospe


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Band 6 (2014)


Entlehnung oder Codeswitching? Sprachmischungen mit dem Englischen im deutschen Printjournalismus


Sebastian Knospe


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Band 7 (2015)


Dimensions of Sociolinguistic Landscapes in Europe: Materials and Methodolo­g­ical Solutions


Herausgegeben von Mikko Laitinen & Anastassia Zabrodskaja


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Band 8 (2016)


Heteroglossia Online. Translocal Processes of Meaning Making in Facebook Posts


Caroline Schilling


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Band 9 (2017)


Textuality and Contextuality. Cross-Cultural Advertising from the Perspective of High- vs. Low-Context Cultures in Europe


Aneta Smolinska


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Zukünftige Bände

Band 10 (forthcoming): Informalization and Hybridization of Speech Practices. Contact Processes in the Baltic and North-European Borderlands and Beyond. (Arbeitstitel)