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Bloomsbury World Englishes: Paradigms

Edited by Britta Schneider and Theresa Heyd

Bloomsbury World Englishes offers a comprehensive and rigorous description of the facts, implications and contentious issues regarding the forms and functions of English in the world. International experts cover a diverse range of varieties and topics, offering a more accurate understanding of English across the globe and the various social contexts in which it plays a significant role. With volumes dedicated to research paradigms, language ideologies and pedagogies, the collection pushes the boundaries of the field to go beyond traditional descriptive paradigms and contribute to moving research agendas forward. Volume 1: Paradigms analyzes the ways in which we make sense of English as a global language, its many varieties and how these come into contact and interact with other languages. It moves the field beyond existing 'models' that are no longer sufficient to describe English(es) in the era of globalization.

Further information: https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/bloomsbury-world-englishes-9781350072022 


Leitung:  Prof. Dr. phil. Theresa Heyd

Sekretariat:  N.N.

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeitende:

Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft:  Luisa Grabiger (in Elternzeit)


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