Teaching of English

The Teaching of English group looks at the teaching and learning of English language, literature and culture. 

Apart from linguistic, literary and cultural studies, the most important related disciplines are educational science, psychology, social studies and media education.

The Teaching of English covers:

  • teaching language (e.g. bilingual learning and teaching)
  • teaching literature (e.g. children and youth literature in the classroom)
  • teaching culture (e.g. popular culture)
  • teaching media (e.g. new media in English classes)

Teacher training is especially interested in the questions of:

  • WHAT: What should pupils know and be able to do? What should their learning experience look like? What behaviour should they learn?
  • HOW: How do young pupils learn a language? How can they retain their vocabulary? How can I make my English classes motivating? How can I help each pupil to learn well in a class of 30 pupils?

Apart from training teachers, the Teaching of English section also offers further education courses for practising teachers, writes publications and does research with close links between theory and practice.



Vertr.-Prof. Dr. Margitta Kuty


Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeitende (alphabetisch):

  • Anni Müller
  • Sten Niklas Washausen