Welcome on board

Welcome on board

Students up in the rig of the sail-training ship "GREIF".

Welcome to the Department of British and North American Studies. We teach and research the literatures and cultures as well as the language of English speaking countries world-wide. The Department is subdivided into four areas:

We participate in the three-year Bachelor of Arts programme, in two five-year teaching degrees (German: Lehramt) for secondary schools, and in two Master of Arts programmes. The students at the Departmentare actively involved in various extracurricular activities. This comparably small department is much less anonymous that at large universities, and the relationship with teaching staff is personal and cooperative. We place high value on international mobility both of staff and students maintain many international contacts world-wide. Staff and students profit from Greifswald's proximity to the sea and, what is more, from its closeness to the metroplitan areas of Hamburg and Berlin.

Degree programmes

Research and teaching areas

International cooperation

Teaching degree for grammar schools [de]
Teaching degree for secondary schools [de]
B.A. British and North American Studies [de]
M.A. Culture - Interculturality - Literature [de]
M.A. Language Diversity [de]

The Department is globally oriented in both teaching and research and supports exchange programmes for student and staff exchange. We also welcome applications by prospective full-time international degree students.