[Translate to English:] Sherlock Holmes - The Griffin's Forest

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[Translate to English:] Watson and Holmes at 15 Stone Baker Street
[Translate to English:] Watson and Holmes at 15 Stone Baker Street

[Translate to English:] Sherlock Holmes is bored and you know what he does when his mind is desperate for an intellectual challenge.

The relief comes in an unexpected online request:

Find the perfect place to study English in Germany.

But will this be enough to raise Sherlock’s interest in what appears to be a sleepy university town compared to metropolitan London? Can he see beyond the surface and solve the true mystery of why Greifswald is a great place to pursue higher education – and to study English?

This humorous adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as interpreted by the popular BBC series SHERLOCK was produced by a small group of students of English at Greifswald University in 2017.

Conceived as a reflection of what studying at Greifswald’s Department of British and North American Studies means, we hope our short movie will encourage you to seek out creative thinking and hands-on experiences as the path to understanding what makes the world go round.

Come to Greifswald University and join Sherlock Holmes, his faithful blogger John Watson and all our smart, talented and enthusiastic students at the Department of British and North American Studies.



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[Translate to English:] Starring Jacob Westerholt (Sherlock), Dietrich Wenzel (John Watson), and Sophie Müller (Miss Hudson).

Created by Jessica Jank (Camera), Corinna Grabandt (Sound), Katja Zemlin (Cut) and Lukas Purschke (Music). 

Executive Producer: Anette Brauer.