Applied Romanticism

Envelope of a letter by Caspar David Friedrich to his brother Christian Friedrich (Pomeranian State Museum)
Briefumschlag eines Briefes von Caspar David Friedrich an seinen Bruder Christian Friedrich in Greifswald aus dem Bestand des Pommerschen Landesmuseums.

Applied Romanticism: The Caspar David Friedrich Jubilee

What can the Department of English contribute to the Caspar David Friedrich Jubilee (2024)? A project seminar pondered this question over two semesters and came up with various very different projects that are concerned not just with Caspar David Friedrich but with his time - Romanticism - and what it may yet have to say to us today.


Project "Finding the light in difficult times"

by Adelina Skerskane

During the project, a B.A. student from the Department of English and North American Studies carried out a qualitative survey that examined people's attitudes towards art and cultural events in Greifswald. The visitors to cultural events, among others, were asked to answer some of the questions related to their relations to the art world and opinions on the perception and values of art. They were also asked to name their favorite artists and paintings. The aim was to discover what psychological role art plays in people's everyday lives, whether it provides mental relief and to what extent, why people appreciate it, and why they think it is essential. All in all, 29 people responded; as the questions and answers were in German, the results are to be found on the German page only.