Digital Encyclopaedia of Sociability in the Enlightenment

The DIGITENS project – the acronym stands for "Digital Encyclopaedia of British Enlightenment Sociability" – brings together international scholars from different disciplines to create an online encyclopaedia of eighteenth-century sociability in Britain.

This open-access encyclopaedia is meant to reflect current scholarship on and interdisciplinary approaches to the topic, besides exploring how networks between researchers and a broad intersectional communication may influence our perception of and research on sociability. Both the conceptualisation and the practice of sociability during the long eighteenth century (1660-1832) – the people, places, objects and concepts involved – will be discussed in a large range of entries. An accompanying digital anthology will provide a valuable research tool for all students and scholars interested in this particular field of the humanities, and provide them with a large range of source material.

Researchers from the University of Greifswald (Prof. Sebastian Domsch, Dr. Mascha Hansen, and Prof. Michael North) work together with British, French, and Canadian scholars on the project, as well as investigating the influence British notions of sociability had on German conceptions of Geselligkeit.

We plan to host a conference on the topic of British and German Sociability during the Enlightenment in Greifswald in 2018.

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